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Creatine Plasma, Grape, 24 Bottles, From VPX

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  • Creatine Plasma, Grape, 24 Bottles, From VPX

Creatine Plasma, Grape, 24 Bottles, From VPX

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Manufacturer : VPX
UPC : 610764260024
Manufacturer Part #: 840234
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Product Description: Non –bloating, ultra fast liquid delivery for radical increases in strength, performance, lean muscle gains, and recovery! Approved for drug tested athletes! Creatine monohydrate is the single most scientifically studied supplement in history. It's significance in muscle building stems from its effect on the stored energy in muscle known as ATP. Creatine Plasma Grape Creatine, which is naturally produced in your body in small amounts, and found in certain foods, has been proven over and over again to enhance physical performance by increasing the number of times ATP can be re rotate d during physical exercise. Creatine Plasma Grape This unique ability makes supplementation with creatine essential for increased strength gains through resistance training. More strength = more . Creatine has also been shown to increase muscle recovery and brain function, two elements essential after intense weight training. Creatine is safe and effective and there is no shortage of scientific data to prove it. Creatine Plasma Grape The discovery by Dr. Roger Harris that creatine monohydrate supplement elevates skeletal muscle creatine stores may be the single greatest discovery in the ephemeral field of sports nutrition. But, your body's ability to manufacture creatine and the creatine found in your diet are not adequate for seriously trained athletes like you. So, if you want to get enough creatine into your system you have to supplement it. Creatine Plasma Grape The existing data suggests that creatine supplementation is a safe and effective nutritional strategy to not only enhance exercise/athletic performance as well as aid in recovery and mental function. Creatine Plasma Grape Recently, extensive research has been conducted to investigate a number of health/medical concerns. This research has shown no negative side effects!! While widespread use of creatine as a dietary supplement did not occur until the early 1990's, elite athletes have utilized creatine as an ergogenic aid since the 1960's. Since the marketing of creatine supplements in 1992, there have been anecdotal reports and concerns that creatine supplementation may cause muscle cramping, muscle strains, dehydration, suppression of creatine synthesis, and a multitude of undetermined negative side-effects. But none of those reports have held water. Creatine Plasma Grape To date, the only documented side effect of creatine reported in the scientific community has been weight gain. Imagine that. You gain weight! So, you want to get big? You want to get strong? You want to recover faster? Then get some Creatine Plasma and tear up the gym! Creatine Plasma Grape