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Friction, Exotic Fruit, 345 Grams, From VPX

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  • Friction, Exotic Fruit, 345 Grams, From VPX

Friction, Exotic Fruit, 345 Grams, From VPX

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VPX - Friction Pre-Workout Matrix - 30 Servings Exotic Fruit - 11.64 oz. (330 g)

VPX Friction Pre-Workout Matrix is the real one scoop intense energy and muscle building concentrated pre-workout hybrid! Do you really trust a company that doesn't put efficacious amounts of Creatine and Beta-Alanine in their product? ...or a company who puts no Creatine at all, denying the research of over 1,300 studies? Do you trust a company that plays games with three scoops when one scoop is the serving size? Then get geranamine-free Friction that contains several new ingredients introduced to the supplement industry for the first time ever and experience the best muscle building workout of your life! No three scoop servings scam! Friction Exotic Fruit


30 Real Servings Crushes Geranium Containing Concentrates World's First Isopropyloctopamine b-Adrenergic Agonist Friction Exotic Fruit 5 grams of creatine monohydrate the PROVEN MUSCLE BUILDER backed by over 1,300 university studies! Full synergistic dose of 3.25 GRAMS OF Beta-alanine! Dopaminergic Nootropx Friction Exotic Fruit INCREASE BRAIN HORSEPOWER WITH COUMAOYL DOPAMINE! Radical new mind-blowing hyper stimulants! Friction Exotic Fruit No pixie dust amounts of ineffective ingredients! Patent Pending Covalex Covalently Bonded Creatine/Leucine Peptide The Research & Development behind VPX Friction is unlike anything you've ever seen before! With 30 REAL servings, it crushes geranium containing concentrates! Friction's cutting-edge compounds include VPX's Patent Pending Covalex Covalently Bonded Creatine/Leucine Peptide, Dopaminergic Nootropx, Isopropyloctopamine, and the mind-blowing Coumaoyl Dopamine to SUPERCHARGE brain horsepower and increase work output! Friction Exotic Fruit

Physiological Function: Rapid ATP Resynthesis, CNS Stimulator, Increases Whole Body Creatine Retention & Intramuscular Carnosine, pH Stabilizer/Fatigue Inhibitor, Blood-Engorging Muscle Matrix, Explosive Power & Intense Energy! Myogenic Regulatory Factor (MRF) Igniter! Friction Exotic Fruit

Friction induces extreme mental acuity and intense energy required for explosive workouts in the gym and on the field. Increases in Myogenic Regulatory Factors up to 515% are proven by a study conducted at Baylor University on VPX's NO-Shotgun. This same foundational University Proven Science has been used to develop the (cutting-edge) Friction formula. Friction is intended for advanced athletes who seek to increase and/or break personal or competitive performance goals. Utilize Friction with caution. Friction Exotic Fruit While similar products may require 3 scoops, it is forbidden to use more than one scoop of Friction due to its extreme potency.

Tested athletes are advised to contact their governing organization prior to using this product. Tested athletes and consumers assume total liability if this product is used in a manner inconsistent with the label guidelines.

About VPX SPORTS: VPX/Redline Sports Nutrition and Performance Beverages was founded in 1993 with one goal in mind: To produce the highest-grade, university proven sports nutrition supplements and performance beverages in the world. VPX delivered on its promise by funding over 15 landmark studies at the top universities in the country including, UCLA. Florida State, Baylor, University of Southern Maine and Memphis Universities et al. VPX continues to update and release new nutrition products, proudly maintaining its distinction as the "Frontrunner in Sports Nutrition". VPX is orchestrated by the world's leading authority, author and developer of performance enhancing supplementation and physique-altering nutrition, Founder and CEO, Jack Owoc. Friction Exotic Fruit