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Redline Ultra Hardcore, 132 Capsules, From VPX

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  • Redline Ultra Hardcore, 132 Capsules, From VPX

Redline Ultra Hardcore, 132 Capsules, From VPX

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Manufacturer : VPX
UPC : 610764020574
Manufacturer Part #: 840262
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Each capsule is comprised of a fast acting liquid that releases quickly and is expediently bioavailable.
VPX has turned up the dial with the new extreme formula in Redline Ultra Hardcore. This capsule Energy booster is designed to give you ultimate energy for improved sexual performance, increased thermogenic weight loss, and an overall maximized experience with your physical endeavors. Each capsule is comprised of a fast acting liquid that releases quickly and is expediently bioavailable. Along with quick delivery, Redline Ultra Hardcore was developed utilizing Black and Blue Microtabs that provide quick, consistent thermogenic energy for sustained energy.

Redline Ultra Hardcore:

Multi-Stage Tri-Action Liquid Capsule Formula For Sustained Energy.
Strong Thermogenic Response.
Improve Sexual Performance and Endurance.
Ultimate Energy.
Dual Microtab Liqrush Caps Extend Thermogenic Power.
Fast Acting.

Hardcore Energy
The extremely powerful sheer force that Redline Ultra Hardcore helps you unleash on the gym will help you burn more fat than other Thermogenics and weight loss aids. The core concept surrounding Redline is a continual supply of energy that continually hits you in waves. Technological advancements in the delivery system have allowed this capsule to work in such a prolonged manner.

The Tri-Action Liquid and Multi-State delivery makes it past the body's first line of defense which is the acid contained in the stomach. Often times this is where most of a supplement can go to waste. Redline cruises right past that to get disbursed into the bloodstream. Many users claim to feel the effects of Redline begin within 45 seconds and continue for as much as 8 hours.

Better Sexual Performance
One of the side-effects of having so much potent vigor and power is an improvement with your sex life. With the output behind Redline you can have more energy to go longer, hit harder, and maintain your focus for a more intense complete sexual experience. Of course, the energy of Redline goes well beyond the bedroom. It will help you have the explosive pump necessary to see big gains in strength and size while you are training. It may not be a protein supplement, but it does have the capacity to help you power through whatever nutritional reserves you may be holding.

Fat Incinerator. Vigorous Energy & Sex. Faster Acting Liquid. Stronger Stacking. Longer Lasting. Tri-Action Liquid & Dual Microtab Liqrush Caps. New Xtreme One Pill Formula! Faster! Stronger! Longer! The Tri-Action Liquid and Multi-Stage delivery innovation is Biotechnology exclusive to VPX. First, the clear faster acting liquid releases submicron actives within seconds. Black & Blue Microtabs then go to work in minutes and deliver powerful fat incinerating ingredients for many hours.