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Hot-Rox Extreme, 100 Capsules, From Biotest

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  • Hot-Rox Extreme, 100 Capsules, From Biotest

Hot-Rox Extreme, 100 Capsules, From Biotest

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Manufacturer : Biotest
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Hot-Rox Extreme is designed to help maintain thyroid output while increasing metabolism. This mega-fat burner combines powerful Thermogenics with natural stimulants, like caffeine, in order to help trim and tone the body. With strong weight loss components, the intensity and capability of this dieting aid to lower body fat and promote a lean muscle body are magnified. Even though this product is Ephedra-free it is definitely carries the strength to suppress appetite, burn calories, increase testosterone levels, and even help improve thyroid activity for everyday healthy living.

Hot-Rox Extreme:

Maximizes effective weight loss.
No need to cycle.
Unique combination of proprietary ingredients diminishes weight gain after cessation of product.
Improves thyroid hormone production.
Powerful thermogenic ingredients burn stored fat.

Maintain Weight Loss
Along with helping preserve weight loss, this dieting supplement also does not need to be cycled.
One of the many benefits of using Hot-Rox Extreme is that it is designed to prevent you from having a relapse of weight gain if you quit using the product. This helps make it easier to reach your target goal, and then maintain it with a low-calorie healthy diet. Along with helping preserve weight loss, this dieting supplement also does not need to be cycled. In fact the product relies on a cumulative effect to achieve the most optimum results. One of the big key elements influencing this aspect of Hot-Rox Extreme is that it doesn't utilize beta receptors in order to stimulate weight loss. This also helps eliminate the side effects that are often associated with Ephedra-based weight loss products.

Burns Stubborn Fat
Hot –Rox Exteme is designed to help improve the mobilization of fat. Often, adipose tissue becomes stagnant and this makes it difficult to eliminate fat accumulation. With the help of six key compounds found in the Hot-Rox Extreme formula this stored fat is able to be utilized for natural Energy to help fuel the body during training and also promote maximum weight loss effectiveness. This product comes in a capsule formula which makes dosing simple as you adjust to your body's needs.

Professional Strength, Fat-Loss Formula.