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ClenZation 14 Day Detox/Restoration, 6 1oz Bottles & 1 8 Day 16 Capsule Bottle

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ClenZation 14 Day Detox/Restoration, 6 1oz Bottles & 1 8 Day 16 Capsule Bottle

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ClenZation is a unique 2 week program to cleanse and detoxify the body from both normal byproducts of metabolic functions and the constant stresses we are subjected to by lifestyle and the environment.

Days 1-6. Add one bottle of ClenZation Detox liquid to one liter of purified drinking water. Then drink as you normally would throughout the day or your workout.

Days 7-14. Take 2 capsules of ClenZation Restore to insure that a proper intestinal environment is restored after the cleansing.

ClenZation is simple, easy, convenient and pleasant to take. It is gentle, using natural herbs and nutrients. It fits in easily to your normal schedule and will not disrupt your lifestyle.

Why is Clenzation superior to other programs ?

1. ClenZation is a unique program that does not use handfuls of pills or powders. It does not involve serious fasting or radical dietary changes. It acts naturally and gently to cleanse, detoxify and restore.

2. ClenZation is used in conjunction with pure water to aid in flushing toxins.

3. ClenZation contains extracts that gently promote colon cleansing and organ detoxification over a six day period.

4. ClenZation has pure fruit and whole food concentrates to both aid in detox and provide essential nutrients.

5. The ClenZation program restores beneficial microflora and probiotics to the intesinal tract to insure that the benefits of the program are long lasting.