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NO Shotgun, Watermelon, 1.3 lb, By VPX

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  • NO Shotgun, Watermelon, 1.3 lb, By VPX

NO Shotgun, Watermelon, 1.3 lb, By VPX

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Manufacturer : VPX
UPC : 610764840448
Manufacturer Part #: 840171
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NO Shotgun - The Shotgun Approach To Lean Muscle Nitric Oxide Support!

VPX NO-Shotgun fuels episodes of physical intensity to induce insane muscle pumps that can lead to muscle growth. The biochemical and physiological response to when combined with intense resistance training causes extra trauma to occur to trained muscle. Greater resistance to muscle results in significantly increased internal pressure (the pump)And as you know, the better the pump the greater the trauma caused to muscle-tissue. The end result: increased ability to build larger muscle!

NO-Shotgun is the first product of its kind to use a superior synergistic blend of effective compounds combined with a cutting-edge pharmaceutical delivery system that yields mind blowing, skin bursting effects, while additionally enhancing recovery and protein synthesis. Compounds such as Creatine (CEX), Arginine (AEX), Glutamine (GEX), Beta-Alanine (BAEX) and Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAEX) that are each combined with Ethyl Ester (EX) technology to insure maximum absorption and uptake! The Ethyl Ester Compounds used in NO-Shotgun help these potent muscle building ingredients enter the bloodstream nearly 100% intact, as opposed to the same ingredients without EX technology that might only be absorbed at 15% to 40%. This highly advanced EX technology shuttles these NO-SHOTGUN compounds across the muscle cell membrane where they can cause explosive muscle growth!